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March 3, 2020 — Primary Election

Condado de NevadaCandidato para Supervisor, Distrito 1

Photo de Deborah Wilder

Deborah Wilder

Independent Businesswoman.
2,311 votos (22.43%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Building a stronger, more business friendly climate in Nevada County
  • Housing and Homelessness. We need to enable our non profits, who do a better job of sheltering the homeless, with resources they need to expand their programs. We need more workforce housing and we need to address teen homelessness.
  • Emergency Preparedness. I am a certified volunteer emergency preparedness instructor. More can be done to prepare the average resident to be better prepared for the next power outage, earthquake, fire or other emergency



Profesión:Independent Businesswoman.
President, Contractor Compliance and Monitoring, Inc. (2002–current)
Mayor, City of Foster City — Cargo elegido (1998–2000)


Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College JD, Law (1981)

Actividades comunitarias

Volunteer, Women of Worth (2008–current)


I have a wide background of experiences which will help me bring a new leadership to the Board of Supervisors.  I have balanced a budget  for a private business, for nonprofits and for public entities.  Not all solutions come from just one source,  Nevada County is one of the most generous communities I have ever seen. Whether it is the MEII Turkey Trot to fund teen counseling and suicide prevention, The Friendship Club 100 to help girls at risk and homeless teens or any other nonprofit in this community that sees a need and fills it. We are a rural county with limited public funds, but the solutions need not always come from just one source.  Together, we can solve the issues facing our community. I am a solution oriented individual. We do not need 5 more study sessions or a dozen more meetings.  We need leadership on the Board of Supervisors which is focused on getting things done, just not looking for another meeting or another grant. Please join me on this journey to make our county even better.

I am a native Californian. My father was a machinist and my mother a homemaker. I knew at an early age that the way to success was through hard work and a good education. I was the first member of my family to graduate from college (UC Davis) and I am still married to my college sweetheart. Marriage and work took us to Portland, Oregon where I graduated from law school and practiced for a year. Returning to California I worked as a lawyer in the field of labor and employment law. In 2002, I founded Contactor Compliance and Monitoring, Inc.  It is a consulting firm which assists contractors and public agencies comply with the complexity of prevailing wage requirements on publicly funded projects. I currently have 15 employees and 4 offices including an office in San Mateo, San Diego, Seattle (metro) and Maryland. Other than myself, none of my employees are lawyers. Generally, I work from my home office in Grass Valley.

More than a decade ago, my husband and I bought our home in Nevada County. When we were dating, while attending UC Davis, we would drive up into the Sierra Foothills on the weekends and we came to love this area. We both wanted to live up here, but work and life took us elsewhere.  When we had an opportunity to find the perfect home and move to Nevada County, we grabbed it. It just felt like coming home.

I have always believed that one gets out of a community what one puts in and so almost immediately we began volunteering with several local nonprofits. They include: The Friendship Club, Kare Crisis Nursery, The Rüdiger Foundation, Hospitality House, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, The Children’s Festival, Women of Worth and of course, my church. Both my husband and I are T3 CERT instructors. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a federal program that teaches the average resident about emergency preparedness. It is a 20 hours course and both my husband and I are volunteer instructors.  We taught 2 or 3 courses for the county before the program went dormant about 5 years ago.

Several years ago, I also served on a City Council for 8 years including 2 years as Mayor. I learned a lot about the public process, budgeting, representing and responding to constituent needs and ideas. During that tenure we built a permanent City Hall,  a new fire department and expanded the police department. We expanded an affordable housing program, worked with our youth to create a working Youth Advisory Committee including the opening of a teen center. I also served on and chaired a county wide Joint Powers Authority coordinating Transportation Grants. I also served and chaired the County Library Board, served on the Juvenile Justice Council and was the City’s liaison to our Senior Citizen’s committee. 

I love this community and believe I have a skills  and experience to help us get us to solutions we need. Please join me in making this county even better. I ask for your vote.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I have a sign on my desk which says: Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport. I learned at an early age that if there was something that you thought was wrong or needed improvement, then you had to jump in and do the best you could to fix the problem or address the issue. Sometimes that meant speaking up at a meeting, writing letters, attempting to get new legislation passed, serving on a nonprofit board of directors, volunteering and yes, sometimes even running for political office.

I am a solutions oriented individual and I understand that compromise sometimes is not a bad thing. Everyone has their own ideas on how to address a particular issue in our community. Rather than everyone standing in their own circle saying it is my way only, I think it is better to hear all sides of an issue and craft a solution which can be accepted by most of the people.  That probably means that neither you nor I get 100% of our own solution, but if we get a solution that works, that is what really matters.

I am a fiscal conservative. We do not spend money we do not have. I am looking for market based solutions whenever possible instead of always looking to the  government for solutions. Our County government should be focused on public safety and solving our local challenges. The government should help our residents get to their final goal, not create roadblocks. So, whether it is streamlining the building permit process to allow a neighbor to build a work shed, allowing the someone to build or upgrade an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) or bringing community services to underserved populations where they live, that is the action that must take place at the county level.

For example, I do not need the County to be in the business of building affordable housing/shelters. Instead, the county can streamline the process so our nonprofits or the private sector can build that shelter and housing.  Does the County have a place in the housing crisis? Yes, they do, but the County does not have to perform all the parts of the solution. Instead, they can enable the community to do it faster, cheaper and better while remaining within the law, codes and regulations.

One of the things I can bring to the Board of Supervisors is my flexibility and ability to attend meetings and meet with constituents. As a business owner, I have the flexibility to schedule my work around my public obligations. I own the business; it does not own me. I have good managers in all my offices that can manage and run my business during my absence.

My desire is to meet and represent the interests of my District. I do not care what your political party affiliation is or your income level. This is a nonpartisan seat and I am NOT looking to run for higher office. My only desire is to add what I believe will be good leadership to the Board of Supervisors and move the County in  a more positive direction.  I hope you will join me in this effort and will vote for me, Deborah Wilder for Supervisor.

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