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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de BerkeleyCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Distrito 3

Photo de Al G. Murray

Al G. Murray

Personnel Board Chair
133 votos (1.8%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Range of Affordable Housing for all citizens.
  • Ensure Public Safety.
  • As a Retiree I have ability to do the job.



Profesión: Berkeley Personnel Board Chair
Commissioner, Chair 2014-2015, Berkeley Energy Commission — Cargo designado (2013–current)
Commissioner, Commission on Disability — Cargo designado (2014–current)
Committee member, Vice-Chair, Chair, Berkeley Personnel Board — Cargo designado (2013–current)
Commissioner, Vice-Chair, Berkeley Fair Campaign Practice Commission / Open Government — Cargo designado (2012–2016)
Committee Member, Measure B Citizens Advisory Committee — Cargo designado (2012–2014)
Inspector, California Department of Social Services (1988–1999)
Inspector, State of California Department of EDD, Social Services, Department of Developmental Services (1976–1988)
Special Assistant to the Governor, Governor's Office (1975–1976)
Supervisor, State of California Department of Corrections - Vacaville (1974–1975)
Assistant Professor, CSU, Sonoma (1975–1975)


John F. Kennedy University School of Law JD, Law (2004)
CSU, Sacramento Masters in Public Administration, Public Administration (1975)
UC Davis BA, Political Science (1972)

Actividades comunitarias

Poll Inspector, Alameda County Voters Registrars (1998–current)


I was born in Martinez, California. My father was in the Military and I live in Germany in my early years. My Mother was born in California and her family was born here. We settled in Vallejo, California where I graduated from Vallejo High, BA in Political Science from UC Davis, Masters in Public Administration from CSU, Sacramento, J.D., John F. Kennedy University School of Law. I began my 25 year career with the State of California working in the Departments of Corrections, Eduction, EDD,Parks & Recreation, Developmental Services and Social Services. I was a Assistant Professor at CSU, Sonoma in the School of Environmental Studies and Planning in 1975. I was selected as a Special Assistant to Governor Jerry Brown in 1975-76. I was elected as a Brown Delegate in the 4th Congressional District in the 1976 to the Democratic National Convention and elected as a President Jimmy Carter Delegate in 1980 and went to the Democratic National Convention both in New York City. I retired from the State of California in 1999. I worked in a law firm in Walnut Creek doing Family Law for three years. In 2001, I was Chief of Staff to a City Councilmember in Oakland and served two years for the City Council, Oakland, California. I received a call in 2004 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Region 9 to work for 2 years in the Office of Regional Counsel and 8 years as Administrative Support, to the Director of Waste Management Division now Land Division when I retired in 2014.

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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters—Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (4)

If you are elected, what would you like to achieve during your term in office?
Respuesta de Al G. Murray:

I want to be a Councilmember that is held accountable for the issues I advocate and the positions I take especially in District 3. If I am able to accomplish public Safety and safe parks the Citizens of the District will know. I do not want to be a Councilmember that makes many promises and unable to produce results. If I am unable to accomplished a matter in the District or City, I will let you know. I will not stop trying and attempting to make a difference in the District or City. My theme has been for range affordBewable housing, safe neighborhoods and parks and positive efficient city staff that will resolve your issues and concerns.

As a Retiree I will make myself available to all citizens in my District. My ultimate goal is to win the hearts and minds of the voters in my District. I am asking and being worthy of your vote for me to represent you by being elected on November 8, 2016 to the City Council. For those who do not vote for me, if elected, I will do everything in my power to obtain your trust and demostrate by electing me will be a good choice for you and this District.

What do you consider the most important issue facing the city?
Respuesta de Al G. Murray:

Beside the housing issue, the City must address the homeless and those with mental health issues. This is not an easy problem and there are no quick solutions, however, it does not stop us from attempting to address this issues and concerns. If we take the issue of homelessness and do what others city have done we will be on our way towards addressing this matter. But, we must provide the services for those who are homeless that have mental health issues. We must develop a comprehensive plan with all city services working together to ensure those with mental health issues obtain medication, are able to be monitored for their health and services and anything else that we foresee a need to meet their care. Our failure to develop a method of dealing with home and mental health only puts us in a condition of having more homeless and those with unresolved mental health issues in Berkeley and surrounding areas.

How do you plan to balance the regional Planned Bay Area (ABAG/MTC) goals of Priority Development Areas (PDAs) with local needs of property owners, traffic/parking/congestion problems, and other local concerns?
Respuesta de Al G. Murray:

This is a matter that many resources have to be involved for resolution. We need the involvement of Alameda County and their resources, we need to review our city services to determine if there are resources and funding the address this issue. We need to discuss this matter with the various communities in the city with Townhall meetings, Special meeting with City Councilmember and involvement of Alameda County Board of Supervisors to develop workable plan for success with property owner, with congestions problems and any other concerns.

Considering the disintegration of local infrastructure, how can the city upgrade to meet the current regulatory requirements for clean air and for clean water discharge into the Bay?
Respuesta de Al G. Murray:

The City has develop a Climiate Action Plan which if implemented will resolve the issue of clean air and the discharge of clean water into the Bay. If the City Council cannot address these issues there are a number of City Commissions which have the time and energy to make recommendations to Council for change(s) by referrals.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown told me as Chief of Staff to a Oakland City Councilmember in 2001 if you want "change" it begins in the City. I have taken that advice to heart. Most of my career has been in government as a Public Servant. The years I served in the City of Oakland, I have been a Voting Inspector for Alameda County serving Oakland and Berkeley for 18 years. I have had numerous experiences with my 25 year tenure with the State of California and received federal experience with 10 years with the US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 9 in San Francisco.

In Berkeley, Councilmember Max Anderson has appointed me  to 4 Commissions as Commissioner to the Fair Campaign Practices Commission / Open Government (Vice-Chair 2016); Energy Commission (Chair 2014-15),Commissioner; Commissioner on Commission on Disability. Mayor Tom Bates appointed me to the Berkeley Personnel Commssion in 2013 where I served as Vice-Chair and now Chair.

I already represent the City of Berkeley appointed by Mayor Bates in May 2013 to the Measure A Oversight Committee which deals with health care for all in Alameda County. Councilmember Laurie Capitelli appointed me to the Alameda County Transportation Commission Measure B Citizens Advisory Committee which deal with transportation in the County of Alameda.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Fair and Impartial Policing


Over the last two years I have worked with the Police Department for training in Fair and Impartial Policing. If all staff had this training, we will not face issues that have hit other cities between police officers and citizens. It starts with the right culture from Headquarters all the way with the right employees recruited and employed.

Public Financing of Campaigns in Berkeley. There has been a major issue with the Fair Campaign Practice Commission and Open Government to continue to allow any citizen the right to seeking public office without having large sums or funds needed in fundraiser to run. If the Measure passes, it gives Berkeley the ability for anyone who wishing to run for office the ability to do so. We need to keep Corporations and  Big Business from influencing our elected official and Candidates with large amounts of money.

We must deal with the Rent Control issues in the city. Ensure that Seniors and those with Disabilities have their issues addressed particularly with access to housing and apartments. There is a need to address renewable energy sources such as solar and wind for homes and businesses and have rebates for citizens to obtain dealing with energy issues.

The Personnel Board has worked for 18 months addressing the Mason-Tillman Report. The City must ensure there is a contract to finish the recommendations by the Personnel Board to the City Council for the implementation addressing many concerns and issues that face city employees.

Small Businesses


The City is encouraged to promote and encourage small businesses to continue to come to Berkeley and established their business here.

It will take a comprehensive effort for everyone to encourage small businesses to continue to come to Berkeley which helps the local economic conditions and employment.

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