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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Ciudad de StocktonCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Distrito 4

Photo de Marcie T. Bayne

Marcie T. Bayne

Small Business Owner
1,399 votos (15.88%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Safety First
  • Control of Spending
  • Improving Literacy rates



Profesión:small business owner
Owner, Self- Ambit Energy Consultant (2015–current)
Owner, Self- SJCPolitics (2014–current)
Comissioner, Charter Review Advisory Commission, City of Stockton — Cargo designado (2013–current)
Vice Chair, Measure A Oversight/Advisory Committee — Cargo designado (2015–current)
Labor Relations Manager, State of California (2015–2015)
Executive Director, North Valley Labor Federation (2010–2012)
Labor Relations Representative, California School Employees Association (1985–2010)


University of Phoenix Bachelor Degree , Business Administration and Public Policy (2000)

Actividades comunitarias

Board Member, United Way (2011–2015)


I have the experience and passion to serve on the City Council and am able to serve from day one informed on the issues and role of the City Council and a desire to serve District 4 and the City as we emerge from bankruptcy into a new era of becoming a great City. I believe in learning from the past, but our focus should be on the future and getting things accomplished in our City. I have served on the Charter Review Advisory Commission working to break the cycle of city government dysfunction. I am the Vice Chair of the Measure A Advisory/Oversight Committee fighting to make sure your tax dollars go to putting more cops on the street. Experience matters.

As a fairly new resident to Stockton, although I have worked here since 2000, my husband of 30 years and I decided to move to Stockton. I wanted to be active and involved in my community, so I became a member of a non-profit board and began to find out all the wonderful community programs in Stockton. I attended City Council meetings during the fiscal crisis leading up to the Bankruptcy. Now, the City is now emerging from bankruptcy and we sit on the edge of creating a stronger and better city. Resurgence is happening downtown and that is just the beginning. District 4 with the Port, Miracle Mile, and University of the Pacific, we sit poised to have the District that brings about the biggest job growth in the City.

As a business owner, I know that business is the engine the drives our local economy. I will work to streamline government services to help business thrive.  

Having a vision for the District and the City to be great is important. The downtown area with its new projects coming will one day be a place where people come to work and live. The Miracle Mile, the University and the Port are already here and supporting local jobs and with vision these areas provide the city with a hub of activity.   Vision matters.

I am independent – I will make my own decisions but at the same time I will seek advice from knowledgeable people, constituents and my own research. I won’t always go along with the flow – just to go along. At the same time, I will work with the entire council – whomever gets elected to make our city great. Independence matters.


My dad was a school teacher and football coach. He taught me to work hard, focus on being the absolute best I could be, but above all else have integrity and honesty. I believe leadership is needed and the best leadership is a leadership of principle. That leadership says there is more that unites us than divides us and together we can bring more opportunity to our community. Leadership matters and that is why I am running.

 It is important to elect a Leader with Experience, Vision, and Independence. And I ask for your support.

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Organizaciónes (4)

  • Ironworkers Local 118
  • ILWU Local 54
  • Stockton Professional Firefighters Local 456
  • Operating Engineers Local 3

Funcionarios electos (1)

  • Christina Fugazi

Individuos (3)

  • Gaylen Barber
  • Roy Morales
  • Kevin Hernandez

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and California Counts, a public media collaboration (6)

Since late 2014 Stockton has been trying to hire 120 police officers, but it is lagging behind because of lower pay compared to other cities in the valley and the Bay Area. Officers are going to other better paying jobs. Should the city raise the pay or benefits to retain those officers and attract new ones?
Respuesta de Marcie T. Bayne:

Salary and Benefits is just the beginning. The city should be in the competitive market for hiring and retaining police officers and that includes retirement and retirement benefits. The retirement health and welfare benefits were lost during the bankruptcy. Officers can leave the city and work for another agency long enough to get vested and have better pay, benefits both on the job and into reitrement. It is also important that whatever the city does, it is sustainable for the long term. Shortsided and risky decisions lead Stockton to bankruptcy. As a council member I will be diligent in ensuring we are never a bankrupt city again. 

The mayor's salary was cut last year from $104,970 to $72,384 as the result of a city commission to set the salary. The mayor's position is a full-time job, and some feel the amount is too low. What is your position on the mayor’s salary?
Respuesta de Marcie T. Bayne:

I am not sure the salary is too low for a full time position. My issue with the salary setting commission came when the reduced the salary at the middle of the term. The Charter Review Commission, of which I am a member, reviewed the language and new language will be on the ballot in November to fix the setting of the salaries at the beginning of the terms and can not be reduced in the middle. It should bring a solution to a problem which was created when the mayor's salary was un-linked from the Chair of the Board of Supervisors. 

Stockton has a problem with crime and gangs. What more can the city do to curb this trend?
Respuesta de Marcie T. Bayne:

In 2013 the City passed Measure A with the intent to hire more police officers to regain an adequate level of staffing. They have not been able to achieve the goals as outlined in Measure A. The hiring of the officers is just one part of the solution. It is the foundation to begging to curb crime. They also must be able to retain officers. Getting our police department to the full complement according to studies and best practices is just the first step. Once the foundation is reached, officers can become more pro-active rather than reactive and rebuild community trusts. Community level policing, reducing response times and community involvement will help reduce crime.  The Office of Violence Prevention is working daily to be in the community and support the efforts of the officers to reduce crime by working with at risk youth and young adults. Literacy in the city of Stockton is extremely low and integrally related to crime and poverty. I will work to create solid policies to improve literacty so adults are able to get good paying jobs.

City residents are looking at a 26 percent water rate hike, in part because the city is not getting its regular revenue because of water conservation. How much if any should rates be hiked?
Respuesta de Marcie T. Bayne:

The statement that residents are looking at a 26% water rate hike is not exactly accurate. If a resident currently has a 5/8" meter, their rate goes from the present rate of $18.94 to $29.10. An increase in the first month/year of nearly 35%.Over the period of time of the long term proposed rate hikes it amounts to over 50%. If a rate payer has a 3/4" meter, their rate will go from $22.25 to $29.10 in the first month/year which is an increase closer to the 26%. Over the period of time of the long term proposed rate hikes they are at 40%.But those homes with a 1" meter will actually see a decrease from $29.24 to $29.10. Over the period of time of the long term proposed rate hikes.Over the period of time of the long term proposed rate hikes thier increase is just a little over 3%. 

The rate hike is not being applied fairly to all rate payers. 

The biggest reason for the rate increase is to pay the debt service. While we had a drought, conserved water, paid less in our bills which createde a shortfall, itis not the whole story. The water treatment plant was built on speculation that new homes would come in north Stockton and Weston Ranch and when the economy fell apart, those houses and new rate payers did not come. It is another in a long line of risky decisions made by the city without a long range plan.

What can you do as a member on the council to help boost economic development in the city?
Respuesta de Marcie T. Bayne:

The city of Stockton, and this starts at the council level, needs to start talking about our city in a more positive frame. I will strive to reduce the difficulites at all levels business experriences when they try to come to Stockton. As a business woman, it is important we make it easier and less costly for businesses to thrive in our community. I will work with the business communities, the diverse chambers of commerces to encourage more small businesses. I will advocate on behalf of the city to bring more opportunity to the Port of Stockton and the expansion to Rough and Ready Island. 

A recent grand jury report was critical of the city's failure to provide needed resources to South Stockton, calling it "neglected and under served by the city" suffering from blight, poverty, slumlord rentals, vacant lots and drugs. What should the city do to remedy this?
Respuesta de Marcie T. Bayne:

The work is already beginning by building a coalition of non-profits and community based groups to find solutions together. The city is contributing funding to make sure these groups can meet and build the necessary coalition, able to do community organizing and out reach into the community. 

As a city council member, I beleive we should take an active participatory role in the coalition to make sure the goals are being achieved. In addition, through the policies already in place of the Marshal plan, Blitz teams which include police and code enforcement may assist neighborhoods in restoring the neighborhoods most impacted.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I will put public safety first. I serve as Vice-Chair of the Measure A Committee fighting to make sure your tax dollars go to putting more cops on the street. We must be able to hire and retain police officers to keep our city safe. 

I serve on the Charter Review Commission working to break the cycle of city government dysfunction. I believe we can have a city that works. As a business owner, I know that business is the engine the drives our local economy. I will work to streamline government services to help business thrive. 

I will insist on independent audit controls of the city’s finances to keep us on track to recovery. We cannot be a bankrupt city again. I will make sure we do not make the mistakes of the past. 

Literacy is integrally linked to crime and poverty. Our city needs to support libraries that tackle improving literacy in both children and adults. I will work to find sustainable funding for literacy programs.


My degree is in business, with an emphasis on public policy. I am dedicated to turning around Stockton. 

Videos (2)

— April 27, 2016 Candidate Campaign
— April 27, 2016 Candidate's campaign

This video explains what is happening with the water rate hike.

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