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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Ciudad de BakersfieldCandidato para Alcalde

Photo de G. Alex Merrill

G. Alex Merrill

Pediatrician/Small Businessman
3,139 votos (5.15%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • coordinate the establishment of a freestanding Children's Hospital of our own in Bakersfield
  • rewater the Kern River to flow through Bakersfield, and other parkland expansions
  • give the Mayor's office the most educated, honored, broadly experienced and capable person to represent and serve our City



Profesión:pediatrician, small businessman
Director and Founder - Christian Medical Services, self (1990–current)


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Buffalo, UC Berkeley BS, MD, MPH, Biology, Medicine, Public Health (1982)

Actividades comunitarias

school mentor, track coach, church music, medical missionary,expert witness, various (1980–current)


As a primary care, private physician in Bakersfield, Founder and Director of Christian Medical Services, I have directly contributed to the health and well-being of thousands of children and their families, over the last thirty years.  I provided the highest quality health care to all patients, many of whom would not be seen by private physicians elsewhere, while SAVING the public millions of dollars.  I have been educated and certified as a specialist in Pediatrics, along with Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and achieved the highest levels and honors within the medical field.  As Director of Infant and Child Health for the State of Arkansas, I was NAMED "MAN OF THE YEAR" for my contributions to children's health and welfare.  I have also been involved in the medical missionary field, with a worldwide viewpoint and experience.  At one time, overseeing care in a large refugee camp in Somalia; near the war zone, suffering drought and famine, and encountering Islamic terrorism.  I have also worked in other areas of Public Health and Child Welfare, as well as serving as an expert witness against child abuse in Kern County Juvenile and Family Courts. 

Coming to Bakersfield, with my spouse of (now) 34 years, we managed to raise 5 children (4 valedictorians, 1 Olympian) who are now independent, gainfully-employed young adults.  During our time here, we have developed a full understanding and deep appreciation for the City and its people.  Having "run the course" in medicine, and accomplished as much as possible, I now have the opportunity to phase out my medical practice, change my focus of service to that of the entire community, and serve as a FULL-TIME Mayor.  

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

In Bakersfield, with a "City Manager" form of government, the Mayor's position is relatively circumscribed, and I will ensure that it remains as NON-POLITICAL as possible!  As a "No Party" and self-funded candidate (for a "non-partisan" position) I will NEVER be owing to any political party, influence group, or establishment crony.  I will represent the City with the highest qualifications and integrity.  Seeking the advancement of the City, NEVER MYSELF, I will be the hardest working and most visible Mayor.  I will be the best promoter and defender of our City, seeking to attract and retain the best people, businesses, and opportunities.  I will respect and support our police force, first responders, and all the people who work to keep Bakersfield a safe and enjoyable place to live.  I will meet as many people as possible, attend and participate in as many events as possible, and be available for ceremonial and ambassadorial duties whenever needed.  I will develop new and innovative roles for the Mayor, while maintaining or institutionalizing prior initiatives, especially in the areas of beautification and scholarship.  I will maintain an open door and open mind to all our residents, giving everyone a voice, and acting to improve lines of communication and interaction. I will respectfully serve as the chief intermediary between the citizenry and government.  And, of course, I will cut ribbons, deliver proclamations, sign documents, and officiate events and City Council meetings, as the position of Mayor dictates, with due attention to these responsibilities, no matter how large or small.

As "The Best for Bakersfield," I will do my utmost to make our City an even better place to call home, and be proud of.  Coordinating with government and private partners, we will form new means of dealing with persistent problems.  Vested people and organizations which have proven ineffective can and will be defunded and replaced.  The problems with homeless, as well as "warehoused" people, litter, stray animals, and vandalism need to be effectively addressed.  As our City grows, we will face ever increasing challenges in infrastructure, shared resources, education, crime, transportation, immigration, social welfare, health care, the environment, and the economy.  But we will work together to confront these issues, and, with my leadership, develop expanded parklands, "rewater" the Kern River, modernize the City, and prepare for the huge challenges ahead.  

Finally, as my most urgent, concrete, and consequential goal, I will work to establish A FREESTANDING CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL.  This will bring to Bakersfield a long-overdue source of needed pediatric specialty care, to sharply reduce the numbers of children which are sent far out of town, and to bring to us a focus of caring, professionalism, and pride.  The economic impact and jobs creation of this initiative will also be of a magnitude far beyond any other development proposal.  I AM THE ONLY CANDIDATE WHO, when elected as Mayor, WILL PROMISE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS FOR OUR CITY.  Thank you.  Please view our website at:

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