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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Senado Estatal de CaliforniaCandidato para Distrito 18

Photo de Roger James Sayegh

Roger James Sayegh

Propietario de pequeña empresa
12,238 votos (11.2%)
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Universidad Estatal de California, San Bernardino (California State University, San Bernardino, CSUSB) Licenciaturas en Justicia Penal (2008)


Some policy changes I'm fighting for;
but first, here's some facts:
>I'm not rich, I'm not poor
>I run a small business, and I help people with Criminal Justice
>I've been paying my moms bills since I was 10 years old! 
>My rents gone up $500 in the last year 
>I can't afford good healthcare, and neither can my mom. 
>I work 40+ Hours a week, and I never ask for hand-outs

I am the middle class, and it's getting harder to stay that way by the day.

That's why as State Senator; My #1 Goal: FIGHT for the middle class.

Here's a good start: 
NO on SB10 (public safety nightmare)
Repeal and Replace Prop 47 (Great for Criminals, Terrible for Victims)

California Fracking/Drilling Ban (We can move 100% to renewable, and it's time we did)

Shift back the Tax Burden to our Richest, and not a Dying Middle Class. (Very complicated slew of bills) 
Protect Social Security with our own State Tax Money (Our seniors have paid for it, and they deserve to keep it)

Repeal CostaHawkins (To have Affordable Mandated-Low Rent)
Use existing abandoned buildings, Issue grants, and funding for efficient Homeless Shelters
STOP SB827 (Will hurt Homeowners in California)

YES to Universal Healthcare, care not for the richest, not for the poorest..but, Universal Healthcare for a STRONG MIDDLE CLASS
LOWER TAXES on Small Business Owners (like myself) and end cooprate loopholes that stop billion dollar companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple from paying their fair share.

Here in Cali, We collect more than some entire countries with our taxes. We overspend on every transportation project, building project, and social service! 
Yet provide the worst results... Somethings broken. It's called "purchased politics" and it needs to end!!


Once our Website is updated with an Issues Tab, and we have some more videos released. This will be a lot more clear

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