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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Asamblea Estatal de CaliforniaCandidato para Distrito 57

Photo de Justin Joshua Valero

Justin Joshua Valero

Profesor universitario
6,829 votos (11.7%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Vivienda: incrementar el apoyo para viviendas asequibles y disminuir las restricciones del desarrollo de viviendas. Apoyar los incentivos para que los propietarios alquilen a más familias de clase trabajadora.
  • Educación: ampliar y reformar el programa de Becas Cal Grant para dar un mejor apoyo a los estudiantes de la escuela de comercio y del colegio comunitario. Volver a invertir en las escuelas estatales y los colegios comunitarios para mantener a los es
  • Justicia penal: reformar los sistemas dañados de justicia penal y de libertad condicional que han fallado conforme a la propuesta 47, la propuesta 57 y la AB 109. Apoyar programas vocacionales, de abuso de sustancias y de transición para reclusos con



Profesión:Profesor universitario
Cuerpo docente de la universidad, California State University, en San Bernardino (2015–actual)


California State University, en San Bernardino Maestría en Artes, Estudios de seguridad nacional y terrorismo (2015)
Whittier College Licenciatura en Artes, Ciencias políticas y estudios religiosos (2011)

Actividades comunitarias

Secretary, Mark Twain Democratic Club (2016–current)


Justin Valero has spent his entire life in our 57th Assembly District. As a young man, he volunteered his time knocking on doors and making phone calls for various Democratic campaigns. As a college student, he taught speech and debate at El Monte High School and tutored grade schoolers in phonics and English.


Justin attended Whittier College, earning his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Religious Studies. He went on to earn his Master's Degree in National Security Studies at California State University, San Bernardino. Upon graduating with honors, he was offered a faculty position at 25 years old. He continues to teach at CSUSB and has been invited on a number of occasions to lecture at Whittier College.

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Let's change how California does politics.


Our legislature has a priorities problem. As the politicians in Sacramento congratulate themselves on how progressive and forward thinking our state is:


  • We have a housing crisis that threatens the security of tens of thousands of hard working Californians.
  • We pay more for healthcare and get less coverage, while our neighbors on MediCal are shut out from local hospitals.
  • We have a criminal justice system that turns a blind eye to dangerous criminals and threatens the safety of our streets, while doing little to actually rehabilitate inmates.
  • Our college students find themselves in financial ruin as they try to get an education due to increasing tuition and dwindling education funding. 
  • Our children have limited access to a quality K-12 education unless they are lucky enough to live in Beverly Hills or Silicon Valley. 
  • Our politicians in Sacramento take big contributions from Big Oil, Insurance Companies, Silicon Valley, and Charter Schools, while they take us for fools claiming they do “the people’s work”


We have challenges that require us to change California politics. Our plan focuses on the people, not big special interests.


  • We need to make major investments in housing. Developers need less regulation and less red tape to get projects off the ground. We need to give incentives to landlords to encourage them to rent to more low and middle income tenants.
  • We need to control the rising cost of drugs and healthcare. We need healthcare to be accessible and affordable for our families, friends, and neighbors.
  • We need to make drug rehab mandatory when a kid gets busted for possession. That way they don’t get sucked into the prison pipeline. For those already in prison, we need more job training programs so, when released, they can be a productive member of society. Finally, we need to reform our broken parole system that lets out violent criminals back onto our streets. 
  • We need to make investments in higher education. For every $1 invested in state schools, we get $3 back into the economy. We need to expand CalGrants and scholarship programs that help both students and parents stay out of financial ruin. 
  • Our children need more availability for headstart and pre-k programs. Our high schoolers need more access to counselors and a curriculum that gets our kids ready for college and a 21st century economy. 
  • We need political reform of campaign contributions and lobbyist’s access to politicians. That way corrupt politicians don’t waste our tax dollars on deals for their friends.

As your State Assemblyman, I promise to fight corruption and waste. I will fight for investments, not handouts. I will be a champion for the working family and the entrepreneur. I will be a true public servant. With your help, we’ll change California politics. 

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