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June 5, 2018 — California Primary Election
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United States

U.S. House of RepresentativesCandidate for District 39

Photo of Steven C. Vargas

Steven C. Vargas

Councilman/Military Officer
4,144 votes (2.9%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Transportation - Relief on 57 and 91 Fwy for use of reprogrammed Train to Nowhere money once it is defunded by next Governor. This is a $2.92 Bilion dollar proposal most of it spent right in the 39th. We need to plan for shovel ready projects now.
  • support local efforts to sue State to overturn the illegal sactuary state proposal
  • Put forward proposal to put all elected officials on the saem healthcare system Congress is proposing for the rest of us. Take away their platinum plan.



Profession:Safety Specialist - CCHEST, Navy Reserve LT
Contractor Safety Specialist, Chevron, El Segundo Refinery (2001–current)
Council Member, Brea City Council — Elected position (2014–current)
Transportation, Comm's and PW Policy Committee, League of Califronia Cities — Appointed position (2016–current)
Council Member, Brea City Council — Elected position (1998–2002)
Senior Community Officer, Puerto rico Federal Affairs Administration — Appointed position (2000–2002)
3rd Executive Assistant, County of Orange (1997–1999)
Executive Assistant, Orange County Board of Supervisors — Appointed position (1997–1999)
Charitable Contributions Supervisor, Southern California Edision (1991–1997)


Excelsior College, NY BS - Technology, Nuclear, working toward completion of final class needed for degree (current)
Palomar College AS- Electro-Mechanical Drafting & Design, Drafting technology and use of Audo-Cadd software (2005)
Gavillian COllege, CGilroy CA AS - Maintenance Technology, General education courses with military coursework needed for degree completion (1985)

Community Activities

Commander, various officer throughout the years, Brea American Legion Post 181 (1994–current)
Adjutant, American Legion District 29 (2016–current)
Latino Advisory Board Member, Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo (2001–2003)
President, Placentia Boys & Girls Club (1994–1997)

Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (5)

What financing method(s) would you support to repair or improve roads, rails, ports, airports, the electrical grid and other infrastructure in the U.S.?
Answer from Steven C. Vargas:

  I serve on the State League of California Cities Transportation, Communications & Public Works Policy Committee and understand the very poor conditions of our roads in our tri county area. The 39th Congressional District is bounded by the 91, 71 and 60 freeways with the 57 fwy. cutting through the middle, our interest in the investments available will be critical especially considering the Imitative being circulated to repeal SB-1, the $50 billion Gas Tax. As a current Civil Engineering Corps Officer, I will have the standing to sit at the table to discuss projects affecting the 39th. I intend to reactivate the dormant Four Corners Group that was instrumental in bringing $1.2 billion to the 91 expansions through Corona to position us once Congress gets off its duff.

In addition to roads, bridges and tunnels the Infrastructure funding next year should include funding for hardening our schools to make them safe for our children. It should include steadfast match requirements so that States cannot pull money earmarked for local projects because the federal government is coming to the rescue. We need collaborative funding from all sources.

I will work closely with our California Assembly Members and State Senators to prioritize projects we can get in front of the Trump Administration to fund and be your advocate so we are not left behind in Infrastructure spending.

A Key funding mechanism is public - private partnership. My proposal to reprogram Train to Nowhere funding from the bullet train once it is defunded will position the 39th for a shovel ready project running straight through the district. This 2.92 Billion dollar investment in a raise monorail will be shared by University funds, Federal matching dollars and private funding to connect to new housing developments along the route. Additional savings can be realized by modernizing the Davis-Bacon Act to update prevailing wage requirements.  



What programs or legislation, if any, would you support to help Americans of all ages secure affordable health care?
Answer from Steven C. Vargas:


Government interventions in health care has driven up the cost of coverage and decreased competition within the market. Citizens need more freedom to choose and insurers need to innovate to make sure our health care system remains the best in the world. What any effective solution must involve, however, is the creation of a true market in health coverage — one that drives efficiency through competition, and places health-care decisions in the hands of consumers and taxpayers, where they belong.


We are going to have to work together on this, simply adding everyone to Medicare is not the answer, we can’t add a bunch to the VA system, that is already about to fall off the rails and a Single payer program will surely be the death knell to our Health Care System. We need some encouragement!


Let’s start with putting every Elected Official in Washington on the same program you and I are expected to live with.


Other options for comprehensive reforms include:


  1. Open and maintain Interstate Insurance Markets

  2. Pay providers based on care not volume of patience

  3. Consider single payer for prescription drugs only

  4. Hold doctors liable for over-prescription of Opioid drugs.

  5. Allow for varied levels of coverage from emergency to premium plans

  6. Eliminate mandates, such as prenatal coverage for a senior citizen

  7. Triple the budget for fraud prevention and prosecution of fake doctors or unauthorized health clinics.


If we can get past the infighting, I am sure we can get past the problems to fix this broken system that is failing all citizens.


Describe an immigration policy that you would support if presented to the House.
Answer from Steven C. Vargas:


There is no doubt, America benefits from legal immigration. California, the breadbasket of the world benefits from legal immigration. Our communities are made richer in our culture and diversity. I myself, a descendent of Spanish heritage stand before you as a beneficiary of legal immigration.


For the past 30 years Congress has failed to fix our broken immigration system. Republicans and Democrats share equal blame and must come together to solve this humanitarian problem. First, we need to stop using derogatory monikers such as Illegal or criminal to discuss the 1.8 million residences President Trump is taking about. Second, we should know who they are.


It is not only the 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients who are at risk. There are also approximately 300,000 immigrants granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS), some since 1991. Legally allowed to stay due to ongoing armed conflict, such as civil war in El Salvador (195,000) or an environmental disaster such as earthquake in Haiti (50,000) (National Immigration Forum, 2018). Because of lack of Congressional action, these TPS immigrant are granted extensions year after year.


Imagine, living here in California since 1991, legally working, going to school, maybe getting married and having a family. It is now 2018, 27 years have passed, that is two generations of family born here. They went through 9/11 with us; their children have joined the military and defended you and this great country of ours. 88.5% are working and contributing to your social security system and paying taxes because of their temporary legal status.


I support the Four Pillar proposal put forward by President Trump and have aligned then with the Four Pillars of Success; Discipline, Accountability, Standards and Systems.


The first Pillar requires Discipline; to provide a pathway to citizenship for 1.8 million Dreamers, TPS recipients and other asylum seekers, you must have the discipline to work hard, study hard and succeed as an American you profess to become. MS-13 members need not apply; lawbreakers and felons have given up their right for the privilege of citizenship. Those that show good moral character will be able to become full citizens of the United States.


The second pillar requires Accountability, by ending the arcane visa lottery program so that we can move towards a merit-based immigration system — one that admits people who are skilled, who want to work, who will contribute to our society.


The third pillar sets a Standard, by ending chain migration, whereas a lucky lottery winner can bring aunts and uncles generations deep. We should protect the nuclear family by limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children. 


Finally, the Fourth Pillar employs a System of border security including hiring more Homeland Security, ICE and Border Security Agents to provide a three-pronged approach to border enforcement and includes a border wall and methods to secure the southern border.


These four pillars represent a down-the-middle compromise, and one that will provide a successful immigration system and the security we need.


What programs or legislation would you support to meet the water needs of Californians and the federal water project infrastructure in California?
Answer from Steven C. Vargas:

I am supportive of the recent approval of the California WaterFix project recently approved for funding by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This is the two tunnel approach under the Sacramento Delta which will bring northern California snowpack runoff to southern California instead of allowing it to wash out to sea. This ambitious project is the best long term solution to finally be put forward to actually solve a problem and not simply kick the can down the road.


According to a "Civility In America” survey, 75% of Americans believe that the U.S. has a major civility problem. If you are elected what will do to address this?
Answer from Steven C. Vargas:

 I am going to start with just being Nice….My District is made up of 35.5% Republicans, 34.3% Democrats and 30.2% NPP, Independent, Green, P&F party  and others need to be treated with dignity and respect who just want to be heard and not discounted. The breakdown in civility is due to the lack of recognition that civility is an individual trait processed by each person who interacts one on one with others. It is when “group think” captures a group that civility is ignored. A group does not possess the trait of civility without the core mission of its leaders to start from a position of mutual respect and helpfulness.  


Who gave money to this candidate?


Total money raised: $47,325

Top contributors that gave money to support the candidate, by organization:

Steven C. Vargas
Employees of El Segundo Refinery
Employees of Bcmf
Steve Vargas For Brea City Council
Employees of Minuteman Press

More information about contributions

By State:

California 100.00%

By Size:

Large contributions (86.63%)
Small contributions (13.37%)

By Type:

From organizations (5.26%)
From individuals (94.74%)
Source: MapLight analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission.

Videos (1)

Visionary Leadership — May 11, 2018 Steven Vargas for Congress

The train to nowhere will be defunded.  An elevated Orange Line from the ARTIC hub in Anaheim to the Gold Line extension in San Dimas will bring 3 billion dollars of jobs, right here, right now….Vote Vargas for Congress 
"The train to nowhere is a massive boondoggle and will be defunding by the next Governor," states Communications Director Harold Green.
"There is billions of dollars in Cap & Trade money that will need to be reprogrammed to local rail projects. Vargas is the only candidate with a plan in place; a plan to connect the already approved Gold Line extension from Azusa to Claremont to the ARTIC hub in Anaheim" said Green.
Campaign Manager, Lisa Vargas states; "We are all so tired of politicians making promises they can’t keep and giving platitudes about creating jobs and improving the local economy. The Orange Line linkage proposed by Steven will bring $2.92 Billion, running straight through the entire 39th  District." 
That is Visionary Leadership; looking toward the transportation needs of the future; reducing traffic congestion on the 57 freeway, improving air quality and increasing economic growth. Steven Vargas has proposed a Transportation Trifecta; a builder and planner who is a doer not a talker.


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