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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California
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San Bruno Park School District
Measure X - 55% Approval Required

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Resultados electorales


9,453 votos si (69.71%)

4,108 votos no (30.29%)

To upgrade classrooms, science labs, technology, and school facilities to support student achievement and college readiness, improve student and school safety/security and repair deteriorating roofs, plumbing and electrical systems, shall San Bruno Park School District issue $79 million at legal interest rates, levying 3 cents per $100 of assessed valuation while bonds are outstanding, raising an average $4 million annually to improve/repair our aging schools, with citizen oversight with all money benefitting our local community?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

The California Constitution and Education Code authorize a school district to issue bonds for specified purposes if approved at an election by 55% of those voting on the issuance of the bonds.

The Board of Trustees of San Bruno Park School District ("District") proposes this measure which would authorize the District to issue bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $79 million. The bonds will have an interest rate not exceeding the legal maximum and will be repaid within the time permitted by law. The Tax Rate Statement printed in this pamphlet contains the District's best estimates of tax rates required to service the bond debt during the life of the bonds. The District's best estimate of the average annual tax rate levy to fund this bond is $27.78 per $100,000 of assessed valuation.  Thus, for example, a property assessed at $800,000 would likely have an annual tax obligation of $222.24 under this measure. The District estimates that the total amount repayable during the life of the bond, including principal and interest, will be approximately $163.3 million.

The California Constitution requires the listing of specific projects to be funded from the bond revenue and certification that the Board of Trustees has evaluated safety, class size reduction, and information technology needs in the development of the that list. The Bond Project List can be found in the full text of the measure and includes:

 * replacement of Allen Elementary School

 * renovations at Parkside Middle School, including replacement of the "science wing" and performing arts buildings, renovation of the gymnasium and locker rooms, and improvement of traffic conditions;

 * renovations at John Muir Elementary School, including replacement of multi-purpose building, construction of new classrooms, library, and administration building, and improvement of student pick up/drop off;

 * renovations at Portola Elementary School, including construction of new multi-purpose building, conversion of main office into student support spaces, modernization of all campus buildings and construction of new administrative spaces;

 * renovations at Belle Air Elementary School, incluyding construction of new multi-prupose building, library, main office, health center, and classrooms and modernization of all remaining campus buildings.

The measure authorizes equipment acquisition, upgrades, repairs, services, construction, and other items related to the listed projects. The Bond Project List does not imply a specific prioritization among the projects and should be reviewed for further details.

No proceeds from the bonds shall be used for teacher or administrator salaries or operating expenses.

State law requires that the District take certain steps to account for the proceeds from the bonds. Accordingly, the District will direct that the proceeds are deposited into a special account, appoint an independent citizens' oversight committee, prepare annual reports, and conduct annual independent perfomance and financial audits to ensure that funds are spent only for the purposes listed in the Bond Project List and for no other purpose.

A "Yes" vote on this measure would authorize the District to issue bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $79 million for the purposes listed in the project list.

A "No" vote would prevent the District from issuing the bonds.

This measure passes if 55% of those voting on the measure vote "yes."

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

Measure X is about one thing: Improving our local schools.

Over the past several years, the San Bruno Park School District has made significant advances in the quality of classroom instruction to improve academic performance for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

While the District is committed to high quality instruction, many schools are between 50-76 years old and don't have modern classrooms, science labs, or instructional technology. Measure X will upgrade our older schools to meet current academic and safety standards.

Measure X will:

 * provide the classrooms, labs, and technology needed to support high quality instruction in math, science, engineering concepts, and technology

 * repair and upgrade aging classrooms and school facilities including deteriorating roofs, plumbing, and electrical systems

 * remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint from older school sites

 * improve access to school facilities for students with disabilities

 * replace inefficent heating, cooling, lighting, and water systems where needced to conserve resources and save money on utility bills;

 * improve student safety and campus security systems including security fencing, security cameras, emergency communications systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers

San Bruno children deserve the same educational opportunities as other children in San Mateo county. Even if you do not have school-age children, supporting Measure X is a wise investment. Good schools improve the quality of life in our community and protect the value of our homes.

Please join businesses and community leaders, teachers, and parents to provide up-to-date classrooms and technology that our students need to succeed.

Please Vote "YES" on Measure X!  Thank you!


/s/ Jim Ruane, Former Mayor of San Bruno

/s/ Mary Lou Johnson, San Bruno Planning Commission

/s/ Dave Nigel, Chair, San Bruno Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Commission

/s/ Lorry Greenberg, San Bruno Junior Giants Commissioner

/s/ Mike Palmer, Chair, San Bruno Park & Rec commission 

Argumento EN CONTRA

In 2011, just 7 years ago, voters in the district passed a $40M bond measure to do the following:

"upgrade classrooms with computers and technology" and to "renovate and modernize classrooms"

Now they want to "upgrade classrooms, science labs, and technology"

It's amazing how fast school classrooms deteriorate, isn't it?

Everyone knows, especially in Silicon Valley, that technology today will be obsolete in 5-6 years or sooner.

So who in their right mind would buy technology on credcit, i.e. via a bond, and pay it off over 25-30 years? No would do that, right?

Answer: Except you if you vote for Measure X.

The technology that the district previously bought in 2011 with bond money is undoubtedly already been recycled but the payments, that you're still paying for, will continue on for decades.

Vote NO on Measure X to stop this fiscal insanity.

The district wants to spend $79M to help 2,669 students at a cost of $29,599 per student plus the ADA funds of $11,022 per student that they get every year.

Seriously, that's a lot of money. But that $79,000,000 has to be paid back and that will likely double the cost with interest and principle payments.

ADA spending per classroom is $289,878 each year so they clearly already have more than enough funds to provide evertything this bond measure promises to provide but without this whopping big tax increase.

Just say NO to fiscal insanity, vote NO on Measure X.


/s/ Mark W.A. Hinkle, President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association 

Refutación al argumento A FAVOR

$40M Bond did not meet the correct percentage and did not pass.

San Bruno Park School District budget for 2017-2018 Long Term Obligation debt totals $50,181,411.73

Measure X is a $79M bond with interest of $84,300,000.

San Bruno Park School District taxpayers will have to pay off $213,481,411.73 overy 37 years!

2000's San Bruno Park School District rebuilt Belle Aire School, upgraded all district class rooms, and technology infrastructure, multipurpose rooms, cafeterias, kitchens, and more. Now 13 years later Trustees and District Management want New School buildings.

Late 2000's. Carl Sandburg School was sold for over $30M. San Bruno Park School District demolished some buildings at Parkside Intermediazte School. The total replacement of Parkside Intermediate School was cut short because San Bruno Park District Trustees and Superintendent chose to divert $15M to pay down liabilities and pensions.

Measure X resolution from San Bruno Park School District has no specificity on the use of the bond money. San Bruno Park School District knows they have the Means to Generate over $79M through 3 site sales and leases, totaling 37 acres.

San Bruno Park School District Trustees hired 3 superintendents last 5 years, 3 CBOs past 7 years, and numerous principals last 6 years. Why so much turnover?

Past 2 years San Bruno Park School District finances were so bad, County Office of Education exercised control over the deteriorating finances, pulling the San Bruno Park School District off the brink of bankruptcy.

Many bond measures on this ballot. How much can you afford from your families' budget?

Current debt, constant turnovers, and poor management. San Bruno Park Dschool District Trustees and Superintendent CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Focus on classrooms, students' and teachers' needs, not buildings.

Vote No on Measure X.



/s/ Charles Zelnik, Former Trustees, SBPSD

/s/ Mary Tordsen, Retired SBPSD Employee

/s/ David Elliott, retiree

/s/ Mary Elliott, retiree

/s/ Mark W.A. Hinkle, President, Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association 

Refutación al argumento EN CONTRA

Not only does the sole opponent of Measure X deliberately mislead voters with inaccurate, untruthful statements, the author lives in Morgan Hill and has submitted similar arguments against three other school districts. He does not know San Bruno and does not own property here nor does he have children in our local schools.

Here are the truthful facts:

 * The last bond passed for San Bruno Park School District was in 1998 - twenty years ago and paid for the most critical repairs then

 * San Bruno schools are now 50-76 years old and classrooms and science labs are in need of renovation and improvement

 * Measure X was placed on the ballot after a year long study where each school and classroom was evaluated with community engagement

 * All money raised by Measure X will stay in our community and will improve our chances to receive State matching funds, thus lowering costs for taxpayers.

Repairs to schools will be made based on seriousness of the need with health and safety of children the number one priority.

Measure X will:

 * Improve student safety by updating emergency communications systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers needed in emergencies

 * Bring electrical, plumbing, and water systems up to current legal and safety codes

 * Upgrade classrooms, labs, and technology infrastructure

 * Replace deteriorating roofs

 * Improve access to school facilities for students with disabilities

Measure X has broad community support, including elected officials, retirees, alumni, business leaders who know that good schools help maintain property values and attract businesses to San Bruno.

YES on Measure X to FiX our San Bruno Schools.


/s/ Frank Hedley, Retired San Bruno City Manager/Police Chief

/s/ Larry Franzella, Former Mayor of San Bruno

/s/ Judith Puccini, Former San Mateo County Juvenile Justice Commissioner

/s/ Ken Ibarra, Former San Bruno City Council Member

/s/ Russ Hanley, Retired San Bruno Park School District Teacher 

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