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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

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Michael Horne

white male, 41 years old, brown hair, hazel eyes
1,815 votos (54.92%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • keep children safe at all cost, inspire hope to children who don't have it, hange veiws on how society sees the disable
  • create a program called gifted minds power of the mind wchich have people with disabilitis exhibit their gifts in public where every one can see
  • communicate with gonvernent officails the importance to keep child preditors in jail, the importance of why one shall never smoke next to someone else, or allow their child to stand in the shopping cart so they can pass a law 2 protect children



Profesión:white male, 41 years old, brown hair, hazel eyes
sacramento city college commisioner of environmental affairs, associated student gonverment — Cargo designado (2009–2014)
intern apple tree preschool, euadias jenkins (2012–2012)
sacramento city college lab student, laurie perry (2012–2012)
sacramento autisitic and special needs alliance board of director, sacramento autistc and special needs alliance — Cargo designado (2010–2012)
access sacramento internet radio talk show host for positive, helath a, access sacramento internet radio — Cargo designado (2009–2012)
sacramento city college home coming king, associated student gonvernment — Cargo designado (2010–2011)
sacramnto city college student senator, associated student gonvernment — Cargo designado (2009–2011)


american river college associate teacher, youth pastor, early child hood education (2012)


my name is michael horne. My adopted mother estrella iris horne, her mother nina adrianna milan, and her mother adrianna joan telavasquez, and I are or was a special education teacher, disab;e rights activist, and civil rights activist. My adopted mother, adopted grandmother, and adoped great grandmother was also a legally blind american disability act, civil rights attorney, family law, bankruptcy law, wills and trust, criminal law, and legal, medical, psychological, malpractice law lawyers with photogenic memory in all aspects of law and they can decypher laws in their brain between constitutional law and unconstitutionl law. I who live with adhd and other learning disabilities who also can decypher laws in my brain between constitutional law and unconstitutionl law which because of my adhd which sees things other people miss, and one of those things i see other miss is what is constitutional and what is not. i uncovered a major conspeiracy in the san bernardino county jail between an inmante and a prison guard. i also 2 recommendation from two civil rights attorney i could pass the state, the federal, and international bar exam with out going to law school, and one of them lives with adhd and is current director of police accountability in san fransisco. i am also a ordaine youth pastor and associate teacher in early childhood education. i was also a victim of child abuse, bullied, and adult abuse, and i was in 5 foster home, one pre adopt home, and was adopted out. i was also in 3 group homes. dispite all of this i did not let it get to me, and i over came it and became an advocate for people who been in my shoes, and practice like female in my family before me, to inspire others who been in my shoes their is another route to take instead of the route of crime and abuse. i am also a real ife macgyver, build robots, inventor, build mechatronics, and i ovr came speech impediment to became an excellent politician, preacher, and motivational and public speaker among the disabble community, and i rap my campain, and produce my own music, and write and perform my own political speeches, and create and produce my own flyers, brochures and posters to market my campain. i also contact the media my own self,  to get publicity what i advocating for and my own accomplishments. i also have connections with rudy sala state assembly, kevin mccarthy united states congress, united states department of homeand security san bernardino office, lietentant jason tounsand of bakersfield police department, kern county sherrif donny youngblood, and director of police acountability paul henderson who was a former civil rights attorney, and i had a second job interview with united states department of homeland security in san bernardino with my connection state, federal, city and county gonvernment i can insure the child preditors will never be let out of state, county, city and federal prison or jail, so they can never hurt another child as long as i am in politics. My goal as a board member in the school safety of the children i am responsible for, and that includes preventing secon hand smoke, child standing in shopping cart or any other unsafe acts against children and i can insure any of these acts which include smoking at bus stops, transit centers, or any other place that have children around, and children standing in shopping, and their parents and shopping centers allow, will not go unpunished because with connections within all aspects gonvernment will make infinate sure they pay for their crime for being in violation of californa state penal code 273a "child endangerment"

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  • donny youngblood,county sherrif
  • paul henderson
  • kevin mccarthy
  • rudy salas

Individuos (4)

  • lietentant jason townsand, bakersfied police lietentant

Videos (2)

— September 15, 2018 gifted minds entertainment and think tank extroardinaire-michael horne C.E.O. and founder

inspiring hope, over coming despair

legal terminolgy and legal documentation quoting by memory rap — October 8, 2018 Candidate produced video

legal terminolgy and legal documentation quoting by memory rap

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