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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California
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Sequoia Healthcare DistrictCandidato para Miembre de Junta, Area E

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Harland Harrison

Software Engineer
4,270 votos (24.47%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Stop collecting the taxes meant to run a hospital the District no longer owns
  • Stop paying salaries for administrators who are no longer needed
  • Abolish the District or let the voters decide what else to do

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Sequoia Healthcare District Should Not Exist - Here is why


The District sold the hospital but went right on collecting the taxes.  It wastes money and excludes the people who need help the most.

It started as Sequoia Hospital District, raising taxes to build and run Sequoia Hospital.  Now, the Directors have sold the Hospital,  but they go right on collecting the taxes!  They expect over $12 million next year!  They can spend it any way they want, and they basically just give it away.  They pay a "CEO" $250,000 per year which would be a fair price for managing a major hospital. Yet this CEO has no hospital to manage,  and  supervises just 4 or 5 employees, (including part-time workers). Their administration expenses total more than $1.1 million dollars, deliberately running the District at a deficit.

Seventy years ago, the District was a good idea.  Today, it is just an arbitrary line through San Mateo County.  They changed the name to Sequoia Healthcare District, (cleverly hiding behind the same initials), but people are finding out anyway.  

By design, the District should not even help those citizens of San Mateo County who need help the most.  The District includes some of the wealthiest parts of San Mateo County,  like Atherton and Portola Valley.  It  does not include the Coast Side, like San Gregorio and Half Moon Bay, and leaves out EPA and places East of 101.  The Directors have tried  to confine their donations to serve only District residents, perhaps an appropriate way to handle tax money. But tyhe coastal farm workers and some of our poorest citizens are left out because they do not live in the District.  It is impossible for the Directors to do the right thing; they cannot give the money to people who really need it and still spend it within the arbitrary District boundaries.

Although the Board keeps taking taxes,  they try to “generate dollars”, as they call it,  in an even worse way.  They make a non-profit pay them as if it had made a profit!  The Board got a profit-sharing agreement as part of the final transfer of the Hospital.  Of course, commercial companies, quite often, do exchange stock or options as part of a sale.  But the buyer, Dignity Health, is a non-profit. The Catholic nuns, Sisters of Mercy, had founded Dignity Health in 1986, calling it Catholic Healthcare West back then.  That non-profit funded true charity healthcare and now runs about 40 hospitals.  So the District crafted their EBIDA agreement with Dignity Health, requiring the non-profit to pay the District part of their receipts from Sequoia.  The formula is complex, but the Board took the word of Goldman Sachs, (the same Goldman Sachs of the sub-prime, mortgage-backed, securities meltdown), that the District’s share of the take would generate millions.  For 2018,  the expected profit on this scheme is zero!

If we abolish the District, the taxes will go back to the schools, cities, fire stations, etc that property taxes normally fund.  That seems best, but in the end the voters should decide.  Some people argue that the District diverts the tax money toward “healthcare”.  But the District has no legal obligation to fund healthcare, and many of their donations only relate marginally to health.  The other lawful agencies can do the same job, and, in fact, are doing that job better, now.

Sequoia Healthcare District should not exist.  Its time has passed.  It no longer serves its purpose.  The District should be abolished.  If elected, I will vote to stop collecting the taxes,  to greatly reduce the payroll, and to elimate the District.

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