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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de Redwood CityCandidato para Consejo Municipal

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Diana Reddy

Community Organizer
11,319 votos (16.23%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Housing Justice - Increasing affordable housing, protecting naturally affordable housing, and ensuring protections for renters.
  • Environmental Justice - Ensuring protections from flooding in neighborhoods bordering baylands, environment is kept in front of us as development and other decisions are made.
  • Economic Justice - Ensuring worker protections from wage theft, gender equity.



Profesión:Community Organizer
Affordable Housing and Renter Protection Advocate, Fair Rents for Redwood City (2009–current)
Central Committee Member, San Mateo County Democratic Party Central Committee — Cargo elegido (2016–current)
Community Builder, Housing Leadership Council (2009–2017)
Housing and Human Concerns Committee, City of Redwood City — Cargo designado (2010–2014)
Leader, Peninsula Interfaith Action (PIA) (2005–2010)
Administrative Ass't to Superintendent, Sequoia Union High School District (1972–2007)


Redwood City has achieved its 20-year unsustainalbe development goals in just 5 years. Yet, City Hall has undervalued itself in its negotiations with developers, and residents are left with few community benefits, resulting in displacement, overcrowding, and a lower quality of life.  We can do better than this. Together we have the skills, resources, and courage needed to create a city where all residents can thrive.

I have been knocking on doors and listening to the people of Redwood City.  Our campaign’s message of housing, environmental, and economic justice is giving residents hope for real change. Those who have been living here, like me, their entire lives, our new families, and our blue collar and tech workers are all demanding better from City Hall.

I am brave and energized to meet the challenges we face.  Join us. We are an all-volunteer, grassroots campaign and take no corporate or developer donations. Vote for Diana Reddy for City Council – the Community’s Voice.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Congresswoman Jackie Speier

Organizaciónes (10)

  • SEIU Local 521
  • DEMFEMS of Silicon Valley
  • San Mateo County Democrats
  • Sierra Club
  • Democracy for America: San Mateo County
  • Unite Here! Local 2
  • Coastside Progressive Democrats
  • Democratic Socialists of America: Silicon Valley
  • Democratic Socialists of America: Peninsula
  • Planned Parenthood

Funcionarios electos (7)

  • Mayor John Keener, Pacifica
  • Mayor Rick Bonilla, San Mateo City
  • Richard Holober, Pres Bd, SMC Community College District
  • Mayor Ruben Abrica, East Palo Alto
  • Councilmember, Ann Schneider, Millbrae
  • Councilmember Sue Digre, Pacifica
  • Councilmember Hierba Perez, Foster City

Individuos (2)

  • Sally Lieber, Frmr. Assemblywoman
  • David Lim, Frmr. Mayor, San Mateo City

Creencias poliza

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Response to Attack Mailers Paid for By the California Apartment Association


I've submitted my response to the Attack Mailers paid for by the California Apartment Association as a position paper.

Dear Friends,

Many of you received hit pieces against me in the mail.  This sort of negative campaigning targeted against one candidate for City Council is unprecedented.

The California Apartment Association spent almost $20,000 on those mailers, and we just learned that another $80,000 has been earmarked by this state-wide organization to influence ours and other local elections. Why?

For over three decades I have been an advocate for the underserved in our community, and, in recent years, that advocacy has been directed at housing. In the beginning, we affordable housing advocates never dreamed we would need to work on renter protections, and yet here we are. At first, the displacement we were seeing affected service workers, low income seniors, and veterans and has evolved into our teachers, highly trained crafts workers, nurses, and others critical to our community. Thousands have been displaced from our community. We are the heart of one of the wealthiest areas in the country. That wealth was created on the backs of working people, people who are not able to benefit from their efforts.

The first of two mailers was sent to homeowners only, using fear tactics to suggest that I would “remove property rights, regulate single family homes, and restrict control of your home.” I suppose one could say that I favor stabilizing rents in order for renters to not receive multiple rent increases in one year, or $500 or $1,000 rent increases, large multi-family apartment buildings would be regulated, so that profits do not continue to be more important than contributing to homelessness. The rest of the assertions are completely untrue.  

The second mailer reported that I am the only candidate endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, a group, which (like me) stands up for working families. I’m proud to be endorsed by the DSA, Planned Parenthood, and Sierra Club – groups which are aligned with my values and work to protect our communities and the environment.

We should all be concerned that a state-wide organization is willing to spend so much money to try to divide homeowners and renters and influence a local election. There are seven members of the City Council. I believe it is important for at least one of those seats to be covered by someone who has a particular sensitivity to those in our city without a voice. Of those who have been given much, much is required. I have been given much, and I am very clear about what is required of me.

Many residents are wondering about those mailers. Please share this message with your friends and neighbors in Redwood City and post whereever you think it might help.

Thank you for your support!! Questions? Call me!

Diana Reddy



Response to Attack Mailers Paid for by the National Association of REALTORS


I've submitted my response to the attack mailers paid for by the National Association of REALTORS as a position paper.

Dear Friends,

Vote Diana Reddy for Hope, not Hate/Fear!


Many received their fifth (and now, sixth) anti-Diana Reddy mailer last week.  Thank you to those of you, who have given me overwhelming support (including many wonderful landlord and realtor friends) in response to the mailers. These mailers attempt to divide homeowners and renters and fill homeowners (particularly) with a sense of distrust and fear.


I advocate for policies that protect renters and give them housing security at a time when most of them have none.  Renters who have been in their units for decades are currently being evicted without cause. Others are being given $500 to $1000 rent increases.  Ordinances that I support provide stability – for the renters and the community. They do not impact homeowners at all, unless they are homeowners who care about whether their nannies, caregivers, hairdressers, teachers, safety workers, and others have a secure place to live.


The following study reports on the impact stabilizing rents has had in Berkeley. I have been influenced by such studies that demonstrate that landlords of large properties are able to obtain a reasonable return on their investment if they own multi-family properties in excess of five units. Therefore, I do not support policies that include single family homes nor properties that are five units or less.


In addition I participated in the Berkeley Urban Displacement Project  case studies that included Redwood City. Our community is in danger of losing our cultural, racial, and economic diversity, our low and middle income workers, and the vibrancy we currently enjoy.


Key Findings:


  • When the City attains its economic development goals, there will be a mismatch between housing supply and job growth for low wage workers. Current plans do not account for the growth in this job sector.

  • Affordable housing provisions elsewhere in the City are not sufficient to protect low-income residents against displacement pressures

  • On its current path, Redwood City runs the risk of becoming increasingly segregated and inaccessible to the workers who will form the foundation of its new economy.


Finally, rent control laws in California have restrictions on the ordinances cities can adopt to protect their renters against excessive rent increases. Prop 10 proposes the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Act.  I support Prop 10 to repeal Costa-Hawkins. I believe state control is an overreach of what individual communities can do to protect their renters. However, I do support some aspects of Costa-Hawkins, such as the exemption of single family homes and new construction, though, I would prefer having a provision that sunsets the new construction piece once construction is no longer new!


Whatever my proposed policies might be, they would not be proposed by me alone. They would be the result of my using my community organizer skills and asking community members what they want.  


As always, I welcome conversations and questions about the mailers, any policy ideas I might have, and, mostly, about what concerns you. Tell me how I can advocate for you.


Vote Diana Reddy for Hope, not Hate/Fear!


Diana Reddy



Videos (2)

— October 31, 2018 Reddy for City Council Campaign

Short interviews with Redwood City residents describing Diana Reddy.

— October 30, 2018 Climate Magazine

Negative mailers were directed at only one candidate in race, and Diana expressed concern about candidates in the future who stand up for underserved, who might not run for Council for fear of being similarly targeted.

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